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3D printing opens up a universe of possibilities in manufacturing. Even at home, you can create unlimited possibilities with a Geeetech FDM 3D printer.However, the final printed model often has a lot of annoying layers that make the whole work look rough.It is only through some post-processing techniques that a…

With the development of technology,3D printing technology gets more sophisticated and artificial meat hits more and more restaurants.So what if you combine these two?An Israeli startup has successfully created an artificial beef”steak”with 3D printing technology.

Redefine Meat’s 3D-printed vegan steak.Photo credit: Reuters

The start up Redefine Meat,founded in 2018,called on people to practice vegetarianism concept by 3D…

In the past few years, 3D printers have become easier to use and can do some really cool things.Like this guy.

3D Printing works of Thanos(Marvel Cinematic Universe) printed by Getech Technology Co.

Anyway, today I started thinking about what this means for the future of garage kits.As …

I bought a Geeetech 3D printer the other day, downloaded free open-source designs for adaptive aids and printed out some plastic gadgets.I want to give my grandma a little surprise when she comes to visit me.

Geeetech A10 3D printer

My grandmother is suffering from arthritis which makes it painful for the joints to…

For Chinese people used to living in houses made of cement, living in a 3D-printed house must feel quite exciting.In Chinese society, men propose to ladys generally with the prerequisite of having a car and a house.Imagine if, years from now, the house women want most is a 3D-printed one.Well,maybe…

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